Online Roundup Friday 7 September 2012

We're back this week after a couple of weeks hiatus and the news is saturated with mobile. I don't think it'll be drying out anytime soon.


Westpac has added support for Microsoft's Windows Phone to it's mobile banking platform. Windows Phone is on the rise?

Buying online? Live in Sydney or Melbourne? Want it now? 3 hour deliveries are in the offing.

Around the world

$7 billion in mobile payments through Paypal in 2012? 700,000 new android smartphone subscribers a day? Must be another mobile state of play infographic.

There's lots of talk about digital wallets. Hopefully digital wallets aren't hiding somewhere with the paperless office.

There seems an obvious play to put point of sale solutions into the smartphone arena. Walmart are giving it a go.

Zara in the UK are in on the act as well. They're working on an Android app that includes a barcode scanner.

An interesting article on the state of e-commerce checkout design.

Square have up'ed the ante when it comes to merchant fees for credit card payments. Flat rate $275 a month for smaller merchants? There's some magic going on here somewhere.

The biggest social networking sites are also the source of the most fear risk to businesses. No shock there really. Informed fear or fear due to misunderstanding?

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