Online Roundup Friday 14 September 2012

The iPhone 5 is out. Underwhelmed? Maybe you can get excited about e-commerce, infographics, bitcoin and more in this week's roundup!


An interesting anomoly that came my way this week. Nova, a radio station owned by DMG released a location-based offers app for the iPhone in May - ShopperNova. An interesting play for a radio station. I don't know what success it has seen but I like it because it shows some lateral thought.

Australia tops the world in digital advertising spend per user.

The state of online retailing in Australia? It's actually an article on whether companies are spending on smartphone and tablet initiatives.

Infographic alert. The state of e-commerce in Australia.

Around the world

In case you haven't noticed the iPhone 5 was released by Apple this week. There's not really much to say. It's more of the same. Of particular note, the Near Field Communications (NFC) that was widely believed to be released didn't make and entrance.

These guys were probably upset by the announcement. They plan to allow you to use NFC in smartphones as hotel keys, saving some of the Hotel checkin pain.

You thought bitcoins were dead? Think again. Bitpay is on the case.

Some interesting numbers on the companion screen in the US.

So twitter is making some money?

But there's growing opinion that Twitter and Facebook are on the slide. How fickle we are.

Is the cash register dead?

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