Online Roundup Friday 3 August 2012

Payments, M-commerce and more talk of Commonwealth Bank of Australia. They can't help themselves.


CBA is apparently getting some traction with developers for Pi, the new app platform that forms part of its new point of sale offering.

Paypal Here is, well, here in Australia. At least it will be next month.

To be taken with a grain of salt. Paypal have sponsored a survey that indicates that getting online earlier means greater growth for small to medium businesses.

Around the world

IBM has released something that sounds vaguely similar to the Flow iPhone application powered by Amazon. It recognises a product from its image and provides review information. Take a look.

M-commerce is rising, rising, rising.

Nothing like a rip-roaring divide between old and new media. What good is TV (in this case America's NBC) when you can get it all in real time in the Internet Age?

The US Red Cross has released a Hurricane App to help people track hurricanes and stay in touch during emergencies.

The next big thing. Social Gifting. If you simply put "Social" in front of any verb or noun - Voila, the next big thing. Social Social anyone?

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