Online Roundup Friday 17 August 2012

Guess what this week? Yep, more mobile. And a little bit of Olympics if you're not over it yet.


A good "state of play" article in relation to mobile banking in Australia.

St George Bank, a brand of Westpac Bank have released a new mobile property app.

After all the blustering about e-commerce and surrounding issues by Gerry Harvey, Harvey Norman are moving fast. They've now got a mobile version of their website.

Books, a co-op, Paypal and QR codes. A healthy mix.

Around the world

What's the future of education in an Internet age? There's a quiet revolution going on.

An interesting piece on the future of native mobile apps.

Now that the Olympics is over let the analysis begin.

Twitter also released a recap of some of the tweeting statistics during the games. TPM anyone?

Rats and Mice

Hard to describe - it's a printer, but it's also a household helper.

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