Online Roundup Friday 10 August 2012

Smartphone growth and coat tails. Yep, coat tails.


One of the good things about the Commonwealth Bank of Australia trumpeting their successes from the rooftops is that it tends to make the other players take notice. Or even bring them along on their coat tails. Westpac are getting in on the game with a trial for contactless phone payments.

Just to add some perspective to the apparently rosy state of banking technology in Australia, let's get an alternative view. Some of the complaints in this Lifehacker article appear accurate. Others maybe a little naive? Judge for yourself.

Around the world

Google's Android smartphone platform continues to grow. US centric but interesting nonetheless.

There has been a lot of speculation about how Facebook will make money in a mobile world. This article has some interesting research on the placement of Facebook ads on mobile platforms.

Very interesting. Survey says - shoppers prefer mobile sites over apps when shopping from their mobile phones. I wonder if this transfers to other categories like classifieds and listings sites.

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