Online Roundup Friday 6th July 2012

Is Google's Android smartphone platform starting to get corporate recognition? This week there's a couple of major announcements from Amazon and Commonwealth Bank of Australia focused on Android. And a happy 4th of July for wednesday gone to those Americans out there.


The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has released it's Kaching mobile banking and payments app for Android in the Google Play store.

And while they're at it, CBA are going to let customers do some basic banking through Facebook before the year is out. Interesting.

Recent online shoe sales entrant Shooii is already in volunteer administration. A case of going to far to fast? Maybe some lean startup principles wouldn't have gone astray here? Still, there might be a saving grace.

Telstra have hit another privacy issue by sending URL's, allegedly sanitised, visited by its NextG network customers to a third party. Is that right? Do they own the data about your activities?

Around the world

Microsoft has bought Yammer, the enterprise social network tool, for a cool US$1.2b. Theories abound given the high price. Is corporate social networking a winner?

Flexigroup joins Square and Paypal Here in the mobile card reader play.

Apparently the EU parliament thinks cars should let authorities know if there's been an accident automatically. Within 3 years. An interesting idea in principle but the timing would seem a bit ambitious.

Are you keeping abreast of the mobile and social media marketing tidal wave?

How are people going to get their Olympic Games fix? Strangely low (or not!) results on what percentage or respondents intent to discuss the games on Social Media. The answer might be in the sample group.

A pretty basic use of QR codes to drive traffic online from hardcopy books. An interesting idea nonetheless.

Bricks and Mortar retailers and Amazon are far from BFF (best friends forever). Amazon isn't doing that relationship any favours by ramping up their price comparison tools with the "Flow" app coming to Android.

Those bricks and mortar stores that have an online presence are trying to provide a great experience by combining the online and real world.

Rats and mice

I'm not sure this qualifies as a rats and mice article but there's nowhere else to put it. The "god particle", the hicks boson, has been found. That particle that gives everything mass. Big news.

Wikileaks has been quiet for a while. They're returned to the headlines with a whole bunch of Syrian government communications.

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