Online Roundup Friday 27th July 2012

We're early this week. Lots of random items. NFC, Government handouts and Augmented Reality.


Great news for Sydney, Australia. Sydneysiders can now get all the public transport goodness their heart desires - right in Google Maps.

This is the same premise I use when discussing NFC with excited people. NFC is a technology. Not an applied solution.

Excluding the Retail vs Automotive talk, there's something to the idea of helping businesses get online savvy. I guess it depends on whether you think that the government should help or it's survival of the fittest.

It appears Paypal are getting closer to releasing their "omni-channel" payments solution for Australia retailers.

Around the world

Augmented reality has risen to the news again with Ikea applying some grey matter to come up with an interactive catalogue. Very cool, but another gimmicky rather than practical use for Augmented Reality.

Not to be all anti-NFC, but here's some sobering information about NFC security.

Rats and mice

More fun with Post-It notes than you can poke a stick at.

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