Online Roundup Friday 20th July 2012

Not a lot of news from Australia this week. The most interesting thing is "Albert" from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) wants you to say hello to "Albert", its new take on the merchant terminal / point of sale device. It's based on Google's Android and it means that CBA is now a hardware builder. It's another example of why I'm impressed at the efforts CBA is making to improve the banking customer experience with technology.

Around the world

Missed this one a couple of weeks ago - British Airways are planning to "Google" passengers so they can tailor services and the flight experience. BA staff might end up getting a whole lot of useless info, or a shock. I suspect this wont extend to cattle class.

Apparently more than half of consumers in this Capgemeni study think that bricks and mortar retail will be showrooms (i.e. just pick and order) by 2020. I'm not so convinced given the opinion is at odds with the rise of instant gratification.

The London Olympics are looming. The BBC is on the job and has released apps for both the iPhone and Android.

Is your online business recommending different products (or in some cases charging different prices) to customers based on web surfing history and other information gathered about your site's visitor? Some are. Dangerous path.

Rats and mice

Another flagship Kickstarter project. And another interesting use of Google's Android mobile platform.

Arguably this news in the wrong section. Marissa Mayer, Google employee number 20 and one of the driving forces behind Google's search product has jumped ship. To Yahoo! She's taken on the CEO role and she'll definitely have her work cut out for her to turn that ship around.

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