Online Roundup Friday 13th July 2012

Short but sweet this week. A little forgetful, a little payments, a little mobile, a little e-commerce, a(nother) little password breach.


Aussie Banks have talked about the possibilities of big data. Big data isn't much use if you forget what you know about your customers though.

Apple release self-service point of sale at their Australian apple stores. Walk in, scan, pay with your iTunes account and leave. Sounds like a joke I heard once.

I don't know about "true social banking", but the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is definitely leading the retail banking technology revolution in Australia.

Big W are scaling up online while most of the market is heading down.

Around the world

The mobile payments landscape further heats up. LevelUp look like they're sticking to their goal of "Interchange Zero". At least from the perspective of not charging merchants for it. (great pic on that Interchange Zero article)

It's not exactly the retina-scanning, identity-knowing, offer-tailoring, skin-creeping, targeted-marketing of the Minority Report, but it's a start. Interesting interview with the CEO of Placecast, a location-based marketing company.

Survey Says - The majority of people in the States think traditional media is the most trustworthy source.

Yahoo joins the recent spate of password breaches. Good on them. No sympathy for the stupidity of unencrypted passwords. They should know better.

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