Online Roundup Friday 8th June 2012

Facebook, Foursquare, Failures and Fulfilment. Alliteration Anyone?


The downsides of cloud computing felt this week by Google, Linkedin and Australia's own eHarmony.

Fulfilment. The most important piece of e-commerce.

Give. It. A. Go! The big boys of Australian retail should really just get moving.

Around the world

Facebook is mobilised for mobile. Instagram purchase, Instagram clone, apps for specific functions. And now a mobile payments solution. They've teamed with Telcos to do the billing.

And while we're on Facebook they've release a new offering to help with Apps developed for the Facebook platform. "App Center"

Mobile wallets to hurt banks? Do you think so?

Multi-device consumption technology from Microsoft. What would your content strategy look like?

Do you need to change your business use of Foursquare now that it's redesigned?

Finally? NFC and "Frictionless" mobile marketing is far from ready.

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