Online Roundup Friday 29th June 2012

Google I/O, Google's developers conference was this week and there's some interesting cloudy things to coming from it. On the Australian front, there's quite a bit of talk of banking innovation and mobile.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) a large proportion of Aussie businesses are missing out on the opportunities from being web.

Apparently unstructured big data excites Australian banks. Are they doing anything with that excitement?

While the afore-mentioned banks are getting excited about big data, the "little guys" are eating their lunch in innovative services. Maybe the banks just expect buy their way in later? (Credit to CBA and ANZ for putting their toe in the water with such efforts as Kaching and goMoney)

CBA aren't keeping quiet about their mobile efforts either. They're expecting big things for mobile banking this silly season.

Not to be outdone, St George (Westpac) are now getting into the mobile payments game with "Pay To Mobile".

Around the world

Some interesting numbers on usage and engagement with Mobile apps and the Mobile web. The Top 50 Apps take about 50% of usage time.

Google have take a step towards seamless cloud apps. Google Docs will allow you to edit offline in the not too distant future.

Google trying to reinvigorate its competition with Amazon's cloud services.

If you're after some more Google I/O news, check out the article here.

Something to consider when you're looking at which mobile platforms to support. Is there writing on the wall? What does it say?

It's definitely taking a long time to get reasonable (price and speed!) data access when you're in the air. Let alone some clarity about the actual, if any, effects of electronic devices on planes.

Rats and mice

Create a user interface from anything (that conducts a little bit of electricity)! Fun.

Are you a pixel addict with your digital camera? Or maybe a conspiracy theorist? Either way, check out the resolution on this 1 gigapixel photo.

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