Online Roundup Friday 22nd June 2012

It's all about new-age Payments and digital wallets.


What if you could stitch the many videos of any event together to show multiple viewpoints? Some aussies are trying it. How long till the first viral marketing attempt?

TV. The lurking digital channel? Depending on what you think "TV" in the future will be. Is it a device, content or experience?

Around the world

Facebook has taken another step toward providing payment services. We recently noted their efforts for mobile payments (Facebook Launches Simple Mobile Payments). This time they're replacing their virtual currency "Credits" with real currency.

Square, the small business payments provider in the US, starts offering loyalty services. Obviously not a response to Apple's Passbook.

Microsoft have finally put their hat in the ring and released their new take on the Tablet computer sporting a "multi-touch keyboard case".

Looks like Microsoft isn't to be outdone on the mobile wallet front either.

Worried about where your staff are? Google can help by tracking the location of their smartphones. This doesn't help their burgeoning Big Brother image.

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