Online Roundup Friday 15th June 2012

Short but sweet this week. We'll be back in our voluminous best next week.


More press about Australia Post's woes. It's refreshing to see the candour of Australia Post's CEO Ahmed Fahour but we're still not convinced they're not barking up the wrong tree with this digital mailbox thing. Don't look at us at the moment thought, we don't have an answer...

Here's a way to grab a headline. Charge people using an outdated Internet browser a tax. Smart idea but walks a fine line (depending of which camp you sit in with alienating some of your customers).

Around the world

No rocket science here. Faster communications networks will definitely bring new ideas on how to apply communications technology. Nice to hear it from a government though. Australia's political parties seem to get it but the jury's out as to whether they can get the National Broadband Network (NBN) off the ground.

Twitter to show previews of links. A la Google Instant Preview? Minor usability update or opportunity? Page designs to support thumbnails? No...

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