Online Roundup Friday 1st June 2012

Welcome to June. Online retail seems to be the flavour this week with a sprinkling of interesting technology. What we'd really like to know is - would you let Facebook sell your Face?


Real-time inter-bank transfers? This isn't directly emerging technology but it would provide the foundations for some banking innovation. It's about time there was some dialog.

"In other words, Australian online retailers aren’t lacking for enthusiasm and engagement with their online businesses, they are simply not experienced enough to implement their higher-order, online-specific business strategies at a pace fast enough to compete on a global level." (Opinion) We'd agree that experience is a problem, but only in a specific part of most businesses - Management. Sad but true. That lack of experience leads to conservatism and puts a damper on innovation.

We smell the waft of damage control PR given recent accusations of Australian retailers price fixing and colluding with overseas e-tailers. As the article mentions though, there are other problems here with tax avoidance. No mention of Warranty problems?

Around the world

Doesn't the EU have bigger things to worry about. You know the term "First World Problem"? Enough said.

Not smartphone take up. Take up of apps and internet access on smartphones in emerging markets.

A novel use of QR codes for health service professionals.

Interesting take on mobile usage driving up direct response rates.

Facebook looking at Face recognition provider Consider the repercussions of one of the biggest photo repositories on the planet with auto face recognition. Consider that in the light of Facebook's desire to make a buck from its user base (whether they like it or not).

Paypal introduce Mobile-based in-store purchases for a select few stores in the US.

A cautionary tale from Intuit and Quickbooks Online. Something to consider when you've committed to servicing your customers electronically.

Gamification is overused. However, we are all human. Even executives.

Rats and mice

Check out this for a great product. From Sydney as well! Good luck to them.

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