Online Roundup Friday 4th May 2012

Big is better right? Big data is definitely the flavour this week. Very very large sets of data. Plenty of retail as well.


More "stacks on" for Apple from the Australian authorities. This time for price gouging. It's not like it costs more to get digital goods over the pipes to Australia.

Big data = Big privacy concerns for Aussies?

Harvey Norman earnings miss expectations due to "aggressive competition" and discounting. By online retailers possibly? Surprised it wasn't mentioned this time.

Is research the right place to put money to find what the next retail experience will be? Wouldn't there be more ideas coming from small industry players?

When will people realise that subscribers, followers or liker counts are a false economy? This article doesn't help. Armchair activists can join any cause with a click of a button.

"It predicted that if 75 per cent of ICT spending within Australian organisations were made up of Cloud services, then the savings would result in an increase in annual GDP of $3.32 billion after 10 years." What's the point of a statement like that without substantiation? What does it even mean? (We're pro-"cloud" by the way)

Breaking down the geographic borders of retail.

Around the world

Interesting article on the use of Big Data for improving customer experiences, or ruining them.

Big Data is the buzziness it would seem.

What's a few billion dollars here and there? Anyone else think that these numbers are beyond comprehension?

The utopia of media measurement?

Make your site/app an intuitive experience. Obvious, right?

Rats and mice

A bit of gamification, I mean gaming, I mean game theory... Whatever, some carrot for getting you to exercise (Authors note - does anyone else find these games that push psychological triggers irritating? At least in this case it's for a good cause - health or charity).

There's nothing really special about how this guy and his team raised US$7.1m on Kickstarter. Other than the fact that he raised US$7.1m, and fast.

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