Online Roundup Friday 25th May 2012

Lots of news about Mobile this week. Oh, and a little event with Facebook. It's what all the cool kids are talking about.


Westpac celebrates reaching 1 million regular mobile customers. Well done.

A great, in-depth article on the impacts of mobility on retail and e-commerce. A must read.

Some interesting information about traffic referral to Shopify from Pinterest. It already rivals Twitter but Facebook is still king. More interestingly the average order size of Pinterest referrals is the highest of all referrers.

Around the world

In case you haven't heard. Facebook has had an Initial Public Offering (IPO), that is they've gone public and now have money from public investors. What they'll do with it remains to be seen.

As with any large scale event, there's always someone cranky. Was there some scullduggery with the Facebook IPO?

What about Facebook pulling out specific functionality into standalone mobile apps? We wonder what's going on there. Not to mention the release of an app that looks surprisingly similar to one they just bought...

Mobile is a heavily disruptive force. There are pretty pictures to prove it.

Some interesting information on the usage of mobile. In another pretty picture.

Is reality creeping into the Big Data promise?

Rats and mice

Time to save that wasted food in bottles and jars. Watch the videos. Amazing.

Some very cool User Interface work for collaboration on 3D modelling. Watch the video here as well.

Remember Yahoo!? Well, they're back in the press. No, not for fudging a resumé but for a new internet browser. They're definitely getting press.

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