Remember Staff When Developing a Mobility Strategy

Mobility strategy or mobile strategy? It doesn't really matter what you call it. The rapid uptake of smartphones and other mobile computing devices (heard of the iPad?) is very difficult to ignore.

As a result it's becoming increasingly important to be able to sell to and service your customers through a mobile channel. In fact, like having a website was and is mandatory, being mobile enabled is now a must have. You need a mobile friendly site. You more than likely feel the pressure to deliver an "App" of some type. Often without thought about how that app will form part of your business, but that's another story.

They do say that the Customer is always right and when it comes to mobile initiatives, more often than not the Customer is also first. I'm sad to say, staff are often left out of the picture when it comes to new technology initiatives. Great things are done in the name of the Customer but helping staff do their job seems to be a regular afterthought.

mobility strategy framework

What about mobile-focused initiatives for your staff? Opportunities to improve their productivity. Reduce operating costs. Increase satisfaction. Ensuring they have the tools to excel.

Having seen a few "enterprise" frameworks for developing mobile initiatives for staff, it's no wonder mobility for staff rarely happens. The considerations and complexity for those frameworks are out of this world and ultimately seem over engineered and technology focused.

In this light, the above is a simple model highlighting the considerations for a staff-focused mobility strategy. It's not intended to be comprehensive. It's supposed to be concise, easily understood and trigger thought about the important questions.

Let us know where you think this could be improved. Maybe there's an argument that the customer (staff are customers too!) should be in the centre?