Online Roundup Friday 18th May 2012

Aussie retailers price fixing? Allegedly. Something's got to give in the Australian retail market now that e-commerce from cheaper locales is taking front and centre stage. Enjoy your weekends!


Retailers are getting some heat, and possibly some attention from the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), for activities that look suspiciously like price fixing. If you want some more background, take a look at this article

Interesting news about the usage (or lack thereof) of card-based contact-less payment services like PayPass and TapNGo.

Around the world

Mobile usage (at least in the States) continues its rise. Interesting take here about where to put the ads now that the majority of usage has moved to the real-estate poor mobile app.

Visa and Mastercard enter the future of payments game with their digital wallets.

Send money to someone close by without needing their account details? FNB is showing the way forward.

Some more mobile Point of Sale services, similar to Square, hit the streets (Square is the disruptive point of sale service from the US).

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