Online Roundup Friday 11th May 2012

Well, it's Mother's day weekend here in Australia (isn't it at different times to spare postal services around the world?). We hope you've remembered to get Mum something nice. If not, why not try the world of online vouchers/coupons. A gift for mum straight from the printer.

On a completely different note, it seems it's digital wallet week again.

Digital, mobile, online and emerging technology news from Australia and around the world.

Mother's Day

According to someone, Mother's Day is second to only Christmas in eGifts.

Actually, someone else thinks it's big business as well.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are nothing like the paperless office. Wallets are smaller. That said, something has to stick soon.

Interestingly CBA thinks "smartphone payments were safer than credit card payments because a PIN was required to access the phone and Wallet service and the phone could wiped of information remotely is it was lost or stolen". We wonder if that will translate into cheaper merchant fees?

This digital wallet approach includes a case for your iPhone with a fingerprint scanner. We're sure the Apple designers are wringing their hands about this one.

American Express is in on the mobile wallet action as well.


Some things to consider about how, and how not, to service your customers online here. You can get it right and wrong irrespective if you're big or small.

David Jones is really trying to get their e-commerce capability up to scratch.

Anecdotally, we'd have to agree that most businesses aren't ready for the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN). It's a little hard to commit when it's so far off and political games keep moving the goalposts.

Around the world

Social media? A waste of money without a plan?

Online social stats in coat hangers. What will they think of next?

Brazil's growing middle class is getting online. As is India's middle class. And they all want something nice.

Apparently the affluent in the US are an easy target for Luxury brands using mobile commerce (depending on your definition).

Big data. Big data. Apparently people with cash know what it is. They're investing in it. The realities of most companies is that they're so parochial, how is it going to work?

More crowdfunding news. Another report with big numbers (but not that big).

Rats and mice

We've previously mentioned the phenomena of online retailers getting into the bricks and mortar space. Well, what about an iphone game creator getting into theme parks?

Hello self-driving cars. Parked just around the corner with flying cars.

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