Roundup Thursday 5 April 2012

Roundup comes early this week due to Easter Friday. A big but short week. We got April Fools' Day and Easter. Enjoy this weeks roundup of the business of online.

April Fools

Pinch and a punch. How about a (Gmail) Tap?

In fact, there's already some pretty good lists of the April Fools' efforts from around the web.

Maybe the Internet has killed April fools...


Apparently David Jones didn't want the help one of the world's largest online marketplaces. Where would you go after you handed over your distribution to eBay?

Google have fallen afoul of the ACCC, and the ACCC won. Not sure what to make of this.

The naysayers continue saying their nays in relation to the Australia e-health initiative. Why complain over inevitability? We guess "how" is just as important as "what" when it comes to electronic health records though.

Around the world

A big call. The Canadian Mint has officially recognised the digital age and it intends to develop a digital wallet. Would that be state endorsed?

Once it was all about the online-only stores. The bricks and mortar stores wanted a piece of the online action and so created their own online stores. After all this, some of those online-only stores realised they could get a better result if they built a bricks and mortar presence. Confused? Now the flavour is bricks + mortar + online and giving a seamless and consistent experience through the lot.

Just in case you've been living somewhere outside the realms of human contact for the last couple of weeks, consider the metroric uptake of a social game called Draw Something. Think Pictionary on mobile devices. Think 1 million downloads a day since it's launch. Think many more downloads per day in the last couple of weeks with the network effect kicking in.

Topic - Taxis

One of One Zero One's early stage ventures is in the Taxi industry so we're interested in any changes in that world. There's plenty of opportunity for improvements in the industry by taking advantage of mobile technology in particular. There's also the usual suspects who'd like to preserve the status quo.

There's a whole heap of article on ZDNet by Mahesh Sharma painting a picture of the Australian situation.

Some follow-up

Last week we mentioned the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was having a go at Apple for touting 4G mobile network access in the new iPad even though it's not compatible with Australian telco networks. Well, Apple seems to have listened.

Another item from last week. It turns out the courts don't agree that Salmat / Computershare / Zumbox are infringing on Australia Post's name. Or the name "Post".

Rats and mice

How about this for innovative use of Lego. Love it when people think outside the box.

It's funny how the human mind works, or more specifically, how little self control we have. People will pay for software to stop themselves from using the Internet!

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