Online Roundup Friday 27th April 2012

Late in the day this week. A bit like Google's cloud storage offering - Drive. Other than that, a bit of a quiet week really.


Musical jeans? Not quite. Musical change rooms based on the jeans your're trying on. Retail gone wild?

Apart from the fact that Fairfax is reporting about itself, it isn't really giving much. Physical paper sales (which are paid) are dropping (>10% year on year in March for The Age, SMH and The Sunday Age). It's ok though, unique visits on the website are going great (in the 90-100% growth range) and app downloads are going gangbusters (700% for one). The problem is papers are paid for (mostly) whereas unique visits and app downloads don't translate to paid customers. Apples and oranges.

The complicated world of retail experience and online convenience.

Around the world

Big news for the cloud this week. Google drive is announced

Using Facebook pages for your business? You've probably already been forced to adopt the Timeline. This report has some interesting information about the performance of the Timeline for engagement, albeit with tiny sample sizes. Large grain of salt.

In a world where cash is not king, Walmart introduces cash payment for online purchases.

Rats and mice

If you're reading this at the end of the week after doing more than 40 hours. You should stop and enjoy your weekend.

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