Online Roundup Friday 20th April 2012

A lot of random online news this week. Interesting that the US government thinks the Australian government is blocking electronic trade between the nations. For good measure, there's quite a lot of news of the old world and the digital world coming together. Can you spot it?


Is the Australian government erecting electronic trade barriers by advising against cloud data storage? These electronic trade issues really needs addressing as it's preventing businesses from taking advantage of cloud services (oh, and potentially preventing US businesses from making money in Australia).

Each aussie is spending $2000 on online purchases a year. Wow. The lion's share is spent overseas of course given that local prices are comparatively expensive.

A News Limited exec now heading up Google Australia and New Zealand. Who would have thought. Talk about a collision of the old world and new.

Channel Ten and Facebook? We wonder what effect these alliances have had on the bottom line of the Australian TV channels over the years and what Channel Ten is thinking of doing.

"How do you think Australian bricks-and-mortar and multichannel retailers can effectively battle the pureplay (online) players?"

Telstra's trying to get into the music streaming game with MOG.

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has released Goalograph. "That's nice, but what's it do?". A snazzy way to do customer research?

Around the world

Verrrry interesting. Shazaam and ITV in the UK are bridging TV advertising into the digital domain. Have a read.

And how's this for the intersection of the physical and digital world. Coca Cola is getting into bed with Spotify (the online music streaming service), or maybe it's the other way round? Using the word multimedia is a bit nineties though.

Is RFID really going to make it? Another research report thinks so, althought $70b isn't really that big in the business of money. And another NFC-based electronic wallet is underway in Brazil. Nokia this time.

You know those puzzles where you have to pick the differences between two pictures. Intuit (you know, the makers of Quickbooks) is launching GoPayment. Can you pick the difference between GoPayment and the original service Sqaure?

Interesting. The biggest social network + retail coupons right in "the stream"?

Would your business do ok if you just gave ever customer $100? (Rather than the other way round... Spotify has 3 million customers and $96 million in losses)

E-book pricing is heating up. Most customers don't understand why an electronic book still costs the same (or more?) as a pile of dead tree. Most of the publishers want to charge more, like these guys. Something's not right.

Big company and big company culture beware the online startup.

Targeted digital ads for over the air television broadcasts? It appears so.

Google's getting serious about getting delivering movies and music.

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