Online Roundup Friday 13th April 2012

We hope you enjoyed your Easter break. A bit of a melting pot of online retail and online banking flavours this week.


Was this not obvious? Go where the people are?

ABC seem to be doing great at leading the way merging traditional TV with online. Bravo.

What's the online banking reach for Australia?

Around the world

A big (US$1 billion - Dr Evil anyone?) purchase of the popular smartphone photo sharing app Instagram by Facebook.

As a result, there's some more privacy concerns directed at Facebook.

"Takeaway food profits from laziness....the internet or mobile phones make the process even easier".

Throwing some considerations for cloud adoption into the wind.

Augmented reality raises its head again. It's been a little while.

Tougher times for retailers ahead?

As if retailing isn't hard enough at the moment with the economic environment and consumer access to information on their smartphones. Spare a thought for retailers with products going digital.

Any cross-border logistics challenges as the Chinese take to the Mobile Internet for shopping? Could you get your goods to your Chinese customers? Will they even bother to go outside China?

Paypal and DocuSign taking online security up a notch.

Rats and mice

Don't bother with that fancy social network startup. Silicon valley have given up on social. It's time to get groomed grooming!

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