Roundup Friday 30 March 2012

It's definitely e-commerce week with Australia Post and company featuring heavily.

Sometime in 2012 Australian’s will have (free) access to a digital mailbox from Australia Post or Digital Post Australia (Salmat / Computershare / Zumbox - not free?). We're wondering if any of them have heard of email? Jokes aside, it will be interesting to see how it’s going to work. There’s not a lot of details yet and a lot of work to do with businesses.

Australia Post has also decided it's high time they get on the online commerce train. They're putting in self-service superstores to handle parcel volume increases and reduce delivery times for online orders. We wonder if they've been talking to David Jones? (refer to last week's roundup)



Apparently Australia Post weren't too happy with the name from Salmat / Computershare / Zumbox - Digital Post Australia. Can't imagine why.

We're unsure how these superstores are going to solve the problem of cost but they're planning to handle parcel volume increases and reduce delivery times through self-service. At least in the 30 places that have the superstores.

Other news

The official rollout plan for the first phase of the famed Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) has been announced. Interesting times ahead. You can check if you're luck enough to be in the phase 1 rollout.

Rats and mice

Apparently Australia is unable to get 4G mobile/cellular network access compatible with the new Apple iPad (which touts 4G). The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission thinks Apple's promotion of 'Wifi + 4G' is misleading. Or whoever submitted the complaint does.

And finally an opinion piece from a few weeks ago. Constant connectivity provides many advantages but it’s worth getting a bit of perspective every now and then. Do you ever take a break?

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