Roundup - Friday 23 March 2012

Recent news and interesting things related to digital business in Australia and around the world.

Swedish cashless money money money
In Sweden, cash is king no more - Yahoo! News

Is there such a thing as fashionably late to the online party?  Maybe you’d like to ask David Jones?  We’ll be watching their “omni-channel” efforts with interest.
Strategic Directions 21 March 2012 - David Jones
DJs' online strategy is make or break - The Australian
Trading halt for David Jones on credit card concerns - The Age
David Jones boosts IT budget after profit drop - IT News

Some more “omni-channel” retail with your coffee? What about a big serve of emerging technology? 
Macy’s, Inc. Outlines Enhanced Focus to Drive Growth Among Millennial Customers - Enhanced Online News (Business Wire)
Oasis 'way ahead of average' in omnichannel fashion retailing - Retail Focus

Flexible labour access online is the way forward. Time we released that article on the concept of the “Virtual Organisation”.  It’s not all about cost reduction either.
Online contracting is long-term strategy, not short-term stopgap, survey shows - GigaOM

Hmmm, banking competition from emerging economies? Cross border banking because of the Internet? Will these emerging economy banks take a different path? Perish the thought.
Online Strategies of Banking and Insurance Companies in the BRIC Countries - Market Watch (The Wall Street Journal)

And what’s happening in the hospitality industry.  Apparently there’s a “digital intelligence” uplift.
Key Luxury Hotels Book Digital Strategy - Media Post

Apart from the buzzword there’s some important cross border issues to address business to take advantage of “the cloud”.  We’re pretty sure the Internet already has a set of standards for interoperability though...
Cloud computing: EU strategy taking shape - Euro Politics