Roundup - Friday 2 Feb 2012

Some interesting news from the digital world.

Google+ a virtual ghost town as users fail to see the pluses - AustralianIT

Everyone expects fast-track success these days.  Something to consider for any online initiatives you might have. It still takes time.

Facebook ups the ante on mobiles, unveils operator billing - AustralianIT

Not really sure what problem Facebook is strying to solve here.  Not sure what the opportunity is. Any ideas?

Internet outage at Pentagon - AustralianIT

A reminder that Internet outages aren’t just a thing of the 90’s and how reliant on ubiquitous Internet connectivity we’re becoming (have become?)

The Pros and Cons of Facebook's Business Page Facelift - Entrepreneur

Some thoughts on handling Facebook’s timeline in business pages.

You don’t need a Mayan calendar to predict this potential disaster - VentureBeat

Why don’t you just say “Bubble” already.