Roundup - Friday 16 March 2012

Recent news and interesting things related to digital business

Given the airtime this week it would be remiss of us to not mention the release of the new iPad.
The New iPad is a Minor Update, But You'll Buy it Anyway - Read Write Web
The third coming - The Economist

A battle for the ubiquitous consumption and licensing of media? Optus an unlikely champion of the cause? What about Optus supported by a challenger I.S.P. - iiNet?
iiNet backs Optus in sports streaming rights fight - The Australian

A tough job moving a print business to the world of the Internet (I hear it’s going to be big). The CEO of Sensis is looking forward to new opportunities.
Sensis CEO Bruce Akhurst resigns - Computer World

What would iconic ads from the past look like if they were re-imagined for the digital age?  Google have given it a go.  US-centric but and interesting watch.
Google’s ‘Project Re:Brief’: Rethinking web advertising - The Washington Post
Project Re:Brief by Google

Apparently all jobs can be sourced overseas? A rosy future.  Hmmm.
www.yourjob.gone - The Sydney Morning Herald