Roundup - Friday 9 Feb 2012

Recent news

We’re still chasing the paperless office (and wallet).  Some interesting numbers on the cost/benefit for this exercise.
Switching to iPads saves Vancouver City Council 50K pages a year - Apple Insider

A one-stop-shop for government services? Good on the UK Government for giving it a go.

Could an electricity provider provide television ads?  Optus decides to take on (thinks it can?) Google and Facebook.
Optus readies itself for online battle with structural changes - The Australian

Some big savings for Telstra through moving to online self-service for customers.  Interesting fact?  Both articles written by the same publication on the same day.  Talk about a quick turn around.
Telstra keen for customers to be online - Sydney Morning Herald
Telstra's online self-service proves a hit with customers - Sydney Morning Herald