What are my online options?

This post was inspired by someone in the throes of starting their own business (thanks Pedro).  Why rework something that's other people have already done?  Pedro sent me the following illustration of how someone has used numerous free sites to develop a broad online presence.

my web 2.0 by chris watson My Web 2.0 by Chris Watson

I must admit that at at first look it's a little hard to digest but if you spend a couple of minutes it's quite informative.  It is in some ways an online presence strategy on one page and I'm  a fan of one page.  In response I sent him a couple of other illustrations that attempt to make some sense of all the online options out there.  While these are Social Media focused they give a good understanding of the various tools out there.  Many of them free!  It seems you're nothing if you're not "Social" these days.

Social Media Landscape bt Fred Cavazza Social Media Landscape bt Fred Cavazza

The Conversation Prism The Conversation Prism

I hope they're useful. Maybe you can use them as a bit of a Menu?  If you have any questions or any other similar resources then be sure to let me know in the comments.