Surfing Teeny Boppers? (Google Zeitgeist 2010)

Google has released its annual retrospective of the world events through the lens of search terms - Google Zeitgiest 2010.  You can get the global view or find out about your regional trends.  In Australia, there's some interesting search terms with "facebook" and "youtube" the two top search terms.  Who needs bookmarks when you can just Google what you want?  Weirdly enough, the third most popular search term was "google".  I wonder what this means?  Are people really googling for google to get to google to google something?

Unsuprisingly Julia Gillard, who after her Prime Ministerial coup earlier in the year comes in as the third most popular person search. What's interesting is that she comes in behind behind Andy Irons and Justin Beiber.  What does that say about Australia?  We're a country of surfing teeny boppers?

For some fun, take a look at Google Zeitgeist 2010.