Top 2009 Twitter Trends

Twitter was definitely the golden child of web based tools in 2009 with Joe Public, Politicians and Celebrities alike taking up the tool to broadcast their thoughts to the masses.  It's a good bet that 2010 will see Twitter introduce features to improve the adoption of the service by businesses.

With the amount of activity on Twitter in 2009 they have released the trending topics for 2009.  Much the same as Google Zeitgeist, which shows the trends of the year based on what people were searching for in the Google search engine, Twitter has released the top topics that people were discussing on the micro blogging service over 2009.  The top topics in each category were:

  • News Events - #iranelection

  • People - Michael Jackson

  • Movies - Harry Potter

  • TV Shows - American Idol

  • Sports (Teams, Events, Leagues) - Super Bowl

  • Technology - Google Wave

  • Hash Tags - #musicmonday

The topics definitely reflect the US-centric nature of Twitter at this stage of its adoption.  You can read the full entry of the top trending topics on the Twitter Blog.