5 Predictions for Digital Technology in 2010

What's a new year without some idle speculation?  With the run into 2010 it's time to reflect on 2009, speculate on what's going to happen in the new year and get your own resolutions together.  With that in mind here are One Zero One's top five quick (and fun) predictions for digital technology trends in 2010.  In no particular order:

  1. Social Media realisation - Social Media has definitely been the buzz over the last year for business.  It's our prediction that business will spot the snakeoil and realise that there really isn't that much to it.  The technology has reached a point where people can develop and maintain relationships online that are a reasonable virtual facsimile of those in the real world.  Ergo, the same human relationship principles apply.  Give before you get, don't hard sell, listen, discover, converse, have fun and be human etc.  Simple right?  Alright, there's still the scale and transparency of networks that people can develop online but that just makes it easier for business to how consumers group together. Doesn't it?

  2. The Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) - Remember that?  2010 will see a resurgence of the NBN and possibly some further roll-out, apart from Tasmania.  There's even an outside chance that businesses start to consider the potential implications for their business model.

  3. Twitter gets a business plan - Strange business practice but Twitter have said they might finally get a business plan and business model in 2010.  You know, a model to make money for their investors?  Sounds a little to close to the approach of those businesses built on vapour in the dot com bust doesn't it?  The up-side is that this business plan and model is almost sure to have benefits for businesses.  Premium business accounts anyone?

  4. China delivers web services - Facebook.  Twitter.  Google.  They're all US based.  This year will see the release of some early stage web service companies.  More than likely, these will focus on enterprise services rather than consumer based tools due to the language challenges and a simpler path to generating some revenue.  And if it doesn't come this year, watch this space!

  5. Location lethargy - With the prevalence of personal devices, such as phones, with GPS facilities its a sure thing that greater marketing efforts will be made this year.  It will go beyond the novelty mobile applications that are really only entertaining rather than useful in the longer term.  Things will get a little more serious, like businesses making sure their location information is in Google so they can be found by GPS.  I don't think we'll reach the point similar to the scene in Minority Report with Tom Cruise just yet though.

Want some more (serious) speculation? There are plenty of other people making predictions out there.  Here's some more that might tickle your fancy:

Good luck for your digital initiatives for 2010.