One Zero One plus Facebook Fan Page and Twitter equals?

One Zero One plus Facebook and Twitter equals more ways to get One Zero One digital and online goodness.  It might be worth giving a bit of a recap on the resources now have available to help me keep you informed.

The Facebook Fan Page - One Zero One Fan page

The fan page is an easy way to keep up to date with the goings on of One Zero One.  If you fan One Zero One, you can get no-fuss updates on what's happening here at One Zero One and news about digital and online technology right in Facebook.  Too Easy.

My Personal Twitter Account -

If Twitter is more your kettle of fish, the you can follow me on Twitter where I'll share stuff about what I'm doing.  Be warned though, you get me warts and all here so you might get some stuff about my photography interest or other stuff that I'm up to.

The Official Twitter Account -

If you just want One Zero One goodness there's always the freshly created One Zero One Twitter account where you can get up to date news about what's happening with One Zero One and news about what's happening with digital and online technology.

The Blog - /blog

If you're (still) reading this, you're very probably aware that the blog exists.  The Blog will continue to exist to provide more detailed articles, commentary and education pieces about applying digital and online trends, technologies and tools for business.  If you'd like you can get the blog delivered fresh to your favourite newsreader automatically by subscribing to the blog feed.

The Newsletter - insights101 - /services/insights101

Last, but definitely not least, we have insights101.  If email is your preferred medium for keeping up to date then this is the one for you.  We deliver regular (not too regular) updates on different digital and online topics for business.  insights101 ties different articles from the Blog together into a coherent story about a particular digital or online topic and its implications for business.

The Roundup

Phew!  Well, there's no excuse to be missing out on any info that may help you learn about the digital and online world now