Find out what Australian business is Twittering

Twitter is definitely flavour of the month.  If you check the Google Insights results for Twitter, you can see that people searching for Twitter definitely peaked in 2009.  The service allows people or businesses to communicate with a broad audience through broadcasting small snippets (140 characters long) of information.

Twitter recently introduced a feature that allowed you to create "Lists" of interesting accounts on twitter.  It allows you to easily group Twitterers together for easier classification and reading.

I recently created two twitter lists to get an idea of what's happening with Australian business and Twitter.  One list to capture businesses, organisations or brands operating in Australia that are using twitter.  The other list is that of business CEOs, Managing Directors and other business leadership people.

You don't need to be signed up to Twitter to view these lists, and what the companies and people are saying.  Just click on either of the following links:

If you have a Twitter account you can take it one step further and follow the list, adding it to your account for easy future access.  If you don't have a twitter account and you're in business, you should seriously think about experimenting with twitter to see what potential value it may have for putting your business in direct contact with your customers and other business stakeholders.

Either way, if you know of a business or business leader that should be included in the list.  Let me know and I'll add it in.