Google Zeitgeist 2009

google-zeitgeist-2009Every year Google releases a, almost tongue-in-cheek, look at the search trends for the year gone by.  They've just released the Zeitgeist for 2009.

It's always a bit of fun to find what the cultural trends have been for the year in retrospect based on what people have been searching for on Google.  In particular, the trends in Australia were interesting.  It seems that some TV brands are doing well in getting some buzz going in the online world.  The top three fastest rising searches were:

  1. one hd


  3. masterchef

Anyone remember a little thing called Masterchef? Or the launch of One HD?  Or heard of that "thing" Twitter?

Seek made it in as the 10th most searched term in Australia this year after not-a-mention in the top 10 last year.  Wonder if that's got anything to do with the presumed rebound from the GFC.

Fun stuff!

Find Google's 2009 Zeitgeist here (US Centric):

The Australian rundown is here: