Shop online from your local retail store

Retail is a tough game.  It's about to get tougher.

There's been talk of people visiting retail stores and searching for better deals on Amazon and other online stores using their mobile phone.  Now it's become even easier (in some countries) with the introduction of an iPhone app that allows the product barcode to be scanned and products looked up on online in real-time from over 10,000 online stores - iBARCODE from apnoti.

The mobile application recognises the following kinds of barcodes: UPC8, UPC12, EAN and ISBN. These barcodes can be found on a range of products, including cameras, audio and hi-fi devices, computers, furniture, books, DVDs and medicines.

While it's about to get tougher, this may be the time for new retail opportunities.  Think stores where you can try the goods and have them delivered.  Saves on inventory, improves efficiency, doesn't satisfy instant gratification.  What other impacts will this have on retail?

(via ReadWriteWeb)