Who needs a business plan?

Here's something a few business advisers would be scoffing at.  Twitter, the company that's taken up so much mindshare over the last 12 months, is starting to talk about making some money in 2010.  The company provides a short-form broadcast service over the Internet.

Stone indicated to a group of Israeli journalists that the microblogging site would start bringing in the cash through ‘non-traditional’ advertising and he will unveil the company’s plan early next year on how it will do it. He stressed the company mantra was that it was in no hurry to come up with a business plan.


There are no dates when we need to break even. We have plenty of money in the bank,” said Stone

I suppose it's alright for some.  Twitter is employing the "Field of Dreams" approach commonly employed in Internet business by building an audience and then working out how to make money from it.  The industry has been waiting for something to happen for a couple of years so 2010 will be interesting to observe.

I must admit I scoff a little myself.

(via Marketingmag.com.au)