Why One Zero One?

What's in a name?  Every company seems to have a story behind their name.  Whether it's random, a location, the name of a founder, the purpose of the company, the product.  There's always a story behind it.

So why One Zero One?  Well, the name One Zero One is a combination of two dimensions - learning and digital.

One Zero One was founded to help businesses tap the full potential of digital and online technology by helping them learn and understand the associated trends, strategies and tools. The theory goes that the first thing you learn about a particular topic are the foundations, the 101 elements.

Like English 101 or Maths 101, before you progress to the more advanced topics you learn the foundations first.  One Zero One provides Digital 101 and beyond.  A whole range of learning and advice focused on the business impacts of the digital and online world.

One Zero One also represents the language that underpins all digital technology - the Binary numbering system.

The Binary numbering system is the stream of ones and zeros that digital systems understand. The language that they convert into the amazing technologies we see today like the Computers, the Internet and Mobile Phones.  So One Zero One also equals 101, the binary number.  Guess what binary 101 equals in the normal decimal numbering system?  Find out here.

So there you have it - One Zero One.  For more information about how One Zero One can help you, check out our services.